We at AECS INTERNATIONAL strive towards excellence and trying hard to fulfill the dream of students for Overseas Education. In this critical situation where most of the overseas dreams are shattered, few of them stand strong against all odd challenges. For such daredevils and man of determinations, we are running our Online batches for Spoken English, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT over digital platform in various time slot. We are also doing College/University admission application along with Visitor and student Visa application. We are regularly doing Facebook Live session to let students know what is the current situation at their dream destination.

Digital learning now a days is replacing traditional educational methods in every context. The way classrooms and teaching techniques are changing, it is good to adapt the changes more of advancement in bidirectional digital learning & teaching methods. The inclusion of digital learning in the classrooms can vary from simply using tablets instead of paper to using elaborate software programs and equipment as opposed to the simple pen.

Digital Learning makes student smarter, self motivated with less dependency on class teachers and ultimately more accountable for their growth and development results in improvement in caliber and inner mental strength. Student often offer a more interesting and involving way to digest information. This is reflected in their retention rates and test scores. Also, when students can track their own progress it can improve motivation and accountability.

Digital learning tools and technology enable educators to rapidly share information with other educators in real-time. The explosion of free and open content and tools has created an environment of sharing economy. By embracing digital devices and connected learning, classrooms around the country and around the globe can not only coordinate with one another to share insights but also boost learning, experience, and communications skills. The practice also allows educators to enjoy a level playing field. 


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